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How to play
flying rocks

Use your rocket to shoot the flying rocks and take down
the UFO’s for extra points.

Blast off!

how to play

Using a tablet or mobile device? Tap and drag on the left side to rotate and direct the rocket. Tap on the right side to shoot.

Playing on screen? Use your mouse to guide the rocket and left click to shoot. Alternatively, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, and spacebar to shoot.

game over

congratulations congratulations

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It’s who we are. Our particular approach to fusing strategy and real craftsmanship has meant that over the years, we have always set out to ensure that the creative standards and business objectives we develop with our clients are carried through down to the last pixel and letter of all the communication we create. It’s in everything we do from brand identities, digital marketing strategies, award winning web sites, social media campaigns, all the way through to bespoke measurement reporting and even the occasional TV ad. We love what we do and we like to think it shows.

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We really do. It’s obviously not our most important skill set, (those are over on the right side of the page). But truth is, we just don’t see the point of making a very average cup of coffee without any real distinctiveness or heart. In fact, almost everything we do
is approached with a childlike enthusiasm, compulsive dedication and something
bordering on a maniacal attention
to detail.

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